Our physical studio is closed for the time being, Ashtanga Yoga Long Island will continue offering a variety of virtual classes until it is the appropriate time to meet in person and have a physical space again.

Opening up for different perspectives and new points of view is essential right now to keep our practice alive.

To all of you who have been coming to the virtual classes, I want to thank you from the deepest place in my heart. It is YOU who have kept our studio alive and breathing through this time. In one year we have grown, evolved, reimagined and adapted our practice, we have explored and discovered new ways together. For that I am grateful the most. Thank you for your trust.

Learn about our Virtual Program

Our virtual program is offered weekly, during the week you will have the opportunity to experience all of the important practices related to yoga: asana, pranayama and different practical tools and techniques for concentration and meditation. The classes are not be offered individually but as a weekly package, I hope it encourage your commitment to the practice and study of yoga and I do hope you find this program inspiring…. learn more


2. Online Special Classes

All Online Special Classes are included in our Online Weekly Program OR they can be purchased separately as a single class.




Led Half Primary + Half Second Series

Aura will guide you through Half of the Primary Series counted in Sanskrit as traditionally done, followed by the first few postures of the Second Series. Although this is a challenging and dynamic class, we do welcome all levels, except complete beginners, to this practice. Modifications are offered to those newer to the practice so everyone can participate.




Philosophy and Sangha Connection

We will open our session with a shanti mantra together, Aura will follow with a talk rooted in different aspects of yogic philosophy, and we will take time after the talk for sangha connection, insights, and questions and answers.





Moon Day Class: Release and Reset

We will move through a slow-paced detoxifying and cleansing practice that targets to open and stretch every part of your body to help release stress and tension and Reset to a feeling much more open and relaxed.

Take Your First Virtual Week for Free

If you are curious about our virtual program and want to give it a try, just send me an email telling me a little about you and what got you into yoga. I will be happy to give you a complimentary virtual week.

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