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Our In-Studio classes are a great opportunity to practice in an intimate group setting with Aura. The space is peaceful and filled with natural light, In-Studio classes are limited to 10 students

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My final aim when teaching Private Classes is to help you develop a regular practice so that you have the tools and confidence to practice on your own wherever you are.

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Immersion Week 20: Standing Postures

Immersion Week 20: Standing Postures

Standing Postures are related to Muladhara Chakra, “Mula” means root and “Adhara” means support or base. Based on the element earth, is our foundation, it help us to feel grounded in our most basic needs. Physically it rules feet, legs, pelvic floor and the base of...

Please let’s help create a Conscious Planet

Conscious Planet is a Global Movement to initiate a conscious approach to soil and planet. The movement seeks to show governments of all nations that their citizens want a policy to revitalize soil and ecology.

To activate and demonstrate the support of over 3 billion citizens, Sadhguru is riding a motorcycle alone, 30,000 kilometers across 26 nations. The rally started in London and will end in southern India, where the Cauvery Calling project, initiated by Sadhguru, has enabled 125,000 farmers to plant 62 million trees to revive soil and river Cauvery.

Activating citizen participation will ensure that ecological issues become election issues, so that governments create policies and set budgets for ecological solutions, leading to sustained implementation.

Find out more at https://www.consciousplanet.org

Please watch this video and follow Sadhguru and Conscious Planet to support this movement 🙏