Immersion Week 26: Mobility Hips and Pelvis

Aug 3, 2022 | Videos On Demand, Weekly Immersion

Mobility is the body’s ability to move freely and easily, it is the body’s ability to engage and control stabilizing muscles to actively move in and out of postures.

Stiffness is often blamed on a lack of flexibility. However, many times stiffness could potentially be caused by underlying weakness in these stabilizing muscles around the joints. The key to a safe and lifelong yoga practice is increasing mobility (moving actively without the help of gravity) instead of only flexibility (moving passively with the help of gravity). 

During this immersion the emphasis will be on pelvis and hip mobility, we will be doing poses to gain a better awareness of the pelvis and hip joints, you will become more aware of how you move your hips and pelvis and what is involved within that movement. 

These are Videos On Demand of the recordings of the classes from the weekly immersion of the week 26, 2022.

There are 5 sessions within this immersion.

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Classes Preview

Session 01 Mobility Hips and Pelvis
Intro to Primary Series
Session 02 Mobility Hips and Pelvis
Primary and Second Series Mixed
Session 03 Mobility Hips and Pelvis
Led Ashtanga Primary Series
Session 04 Mobility Hips and Pelvis
Intro to Second Series
Session 05 Mobility Hips and Pelvis
Pranayama + Meditation

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