Introduction to the language of Yoga

The first time you hear the word “yoga” you might think of relaxation or flexibility, but besides that you might not know what to expect from your first yoga class, many questions could come to your mind: what style of yoga should I start with?, I am not flexible, can I still practice yoga?. And if you have tried a couple of yoga classes even more questions could arise: what do all those “yoga words” mean? Why do we chant before and after practice?.

This two and half hour yoga workshop is design to answer all these questions and more, it is an interactive workshop where we will cover the basics of the practice of yoga and the theory that supports that practice.

The following topics will be covered during the workshop:  


  • What is yoga and why we practice?
  • A brief history of yoga.
  • Different yoga styles explained.
  • Who is who? the lineage of yoga.
  • A basic overview to the eight limbs of yoga.
  • Introduction to common yoga terms.


  • Basics about the breath.
  • Learning sun salutations and how to modify them for any level of practitioner.
  • A look at fundamental yoga postures and their alignment.

At the end of this workshop you will feel confident to join yoga classes understanding the purpose of yoga and how to practice in a safe way.


Date & Time Saturday, March 28th from 9:00am to 11:30am

Location Ashtanga Yoga Long Island

Cost $30 / $25 if booked in advance by March 27th


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