Videos On-Demand




You can get access to the recordings of any of our past online offerings through our new option Videos On-Demand. Every week a new Weekly Immersion will come out, you get lifetime access to the videos and I will be available to help you with your practice if you have questions when practicing with the recordings.



Videos On Demand


How to access and watch the videos?

Step 1

From your account you will manage your personal information, book services, join the classes and watch your recordings.

Step 2

Go to “store” > “Videos On Demand”, pick your immersion and follow the steps to checkout.

Step 3

Set your mat, create a peaceful atmosphere, sign in to your account and go to “watch now” to find your video.

Enjoy your practice!

About Our Online Classes

From Our Students

“The weekly online program is amazing!  It has truly helped me to grow in my practice. Mysore classes are enhanced by led classes that focus on different aspects of yoga practice.  The ability to access the recordings after the class makes the schedule even more accessible.  Thank you, Aura, for devising this amazing program!”

Barbara C.

“By far- the most intuitive and knowledgeable instructor- Aura is an incredibly dedicated and professional ashtanga yoga instructor.  The schedule offers something for everyone- “in person” and “virtual” classes each week.  I recently did a private “in person” class and – honestly- it was the most refreshing yoga experience in a long time.   Aura is truly dedicated to her students and her level of commitment is both inspiring and uplifting.”

Amy M.

“Aura is so special. She is incredibly caring and dedicated to her students on such a deep level. Not only has my physical practice changed since I walked into her studio at the end of 2018, but she has changed my life as well. Because of the virtual program, I now have Aura “with me” in my home and it has changed the energy of my world. She is so knowledgeable and thoughtful with her words and I try to hold them with me in many of my actions and decisions throughout my day. I feel blessed to have Aura in my life as she is such a special and beautiful human. There aren’t enough words to describe how much anyone would receive from her teachings — it is infinite. Thank you Aura, for all you do and share with the world!”

Katie R.

Aura is the real deal- dedicated, genuine, authentic and she walks the walk.   She embodies what yoga is all about. If you’ve never done yoga or if you have practiced for years, she will take you from where you’re starting from and your practice will expand exponentially, not only physically but spiritually and philosophically.

Her knowledge, mastery and understanding of anatomy, will give you the full benefit of each posture enhancing and deepening your asana practice. She is always learning and you will always be learning as she imparts that knowledge to you.  

The program she has devised includes not only asana practice, but pranayama (breath work), meditation, chanting, workshops, and philosophy based on ancient scriptures.

Bonnie T.