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60 min – $50 / 90 min – $75

My final aim when teaching Private Classes is to help you develop a regular practice so that you have the tools and confidence to practice on your own wherever you are.

We’ll focus on your needs, challenges and goals to help you get effective results based on your current situation. These could include targeting a specific area such shoulders, neck, back, hips, hamstrings, core strength, addressing issues such as stress relief, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, injuries, or simply cultivating and deepening your current yoga practice.

About Online Private Instruction with Aura

From Students

“I have been working with Aura for about 7 years now and she has been such a wonderful teacher throughout!  She is very caring and passionate about yoga practice and that truly can be felt in her teaching.  She gets to know her students well and is very sensitive and in tune to what would be most beneficial to each individual in the practice.  She approaches class with a playful curiosity balanced with a serious appreciation for ashtanga yoga.  I’m so grateful for her teaching and feel quite confident in my yoga practice now thanks to her!”

Lauren Audenino

“I feel so incredibly blessed that my life has led me to find Aura. She is one of the most caring and intuitive teachers I have come across. My practice has dramatically changed since I met Aura, not only on a physical level, but in an emotional, spiritual and mental level as well. She considers each person’s bio-individuality while still enforcing the basic guidelines and principles of the Ashtanga method. I was not sure how taking private classes online would go, but I can say after about a year of taking classes with Aura online, they are amazing. I have found that I a way, it is almost beneficial to not have a teacher there to give you adjustments because it is now up to you and your own body to comprehend the cues that the teacher is advising, and to adjust accordingly. Aura does an amazing job of speaking clearly, giving very specific and helpful cues, helping to keep  you motivated in your practice, and work with you and your individual body and needs to make a plan that best suits you. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how incredibly grateful I am to have found my guru. I live 3,000 miles away from her and will be taking classes from her twice a week for as long as I possibly can. Thank you for passing down this practice so beautifully and authentically, Aura! See you on the mat”

Abbie Schepps

“I have been taking taking private classes with Aura since fall 2020 and my body is so different now compared to before. Working with Aura has made me a stronger, more flexible person. Prior to this I had been a weight-lifter/runner/pole dancer and none of those activities had the impact on my body that yoga with Aura had. One of my favorite things about taking class with Aura is that she cares about my goals and pushes me while prioritizing my safety and wellbeing. I’m also a better runner because my core is stronger. And I’m now getting pole moves that I only dreamed about. The other thing is that working with her helped with my body awareness, which was important for me after my abdominal surgery last summer. I don’t think I would have recovered so quickly or maintained so much of strength, if I hadn’t been working with Aura before and (6-8 weeks) after my surgery. I highly recommend taking classes with Aura, it will be the best gift you give to yourself”

Laika Simeon

“I have been taking weekly private classes with Aura for two years; I also take many group online classes with her. She is a brilliant, creative teacher who dedicates herself to your practice. She takes time to understand your goals and tirelessly works with you to achieve them. With Aura, I gradually and safely built up enough strength to achieve asanas I wanted (like forearm stand) but I also felt calmer, more relaxed, and more engaged with the world around me. She also guided me through my pregnancy from first trimester to third; she’s the reason I haven’t lost any strength or flexibility. She’s kind, creative with every single class, and it is amazing how she understands/interprets subtle movements even through a screen. No matter what your starting point is- beginner yogi or ‘advanced’- Aura will help you achieve your goals.”

Ruchi Vikas

““My private classes with Aura have been truly life changing. After decades spent trying to understand my body through yoga and other physical disciplines, it only took Aura a few months to help me through multiple major breakthroughs. She combines patience with expectations in a way that has me exceeding what I think of as my limits during almost every class.”

Orlando Klass

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From your account you will manage your personal information, book services, join the classes and watch your recordings.

Step 2

Go to “book now” > “Private Instruction”, pick the lenght of your online private class, follow the steps to pick time/day, continue until checkout.

Step 3

Sign in to your account and go to “my schedule” to join the class 5-10 minutes before the starting time.

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