Dear yogis, the studio is physically closed but we continue the daily teachings of yoga amid the situation. Visit our virtual space to check the schedule of classes.


Besides our regular schedule, special classes will pop up occasionally, hopefully once a month! These classes are designed to enhance your Mysore practice, they will give us more time to focus on some of the intricacies of the practice such as back bending and vinyasa (floating back and floating through between the postures).

Full Vinyasa 

Primary Series

March, Saturday 7th
8:30am to 10:30am
Cost: $35

​Full vinyasa practice is the original way yoga was taught by T.K. Krishnamacharya to brand new beginners and for anyone recovering from illness or a long absence from their practice. Ashtanga primary series was also taught this way. My teacher Rolf Naujokat learned this from Patthabi Jois and later taught this practice to his own apprentices in India. I’m happy to be able to share it in the U.S. 

Returning to samastitihi between every asana and beginning every asana with the full vinyasa  is serene and solely sustained by breath, it can’t be muscled through by physical strength or will power.

It will change you in a single class whether it’s the first time or your thousandths time of this unique practice.

Back Bending Class

March, Saturday 14th
8:00am to 9:45am
Cost: $35

Back bending and dropping back to a back bending from standing position can be some of the most challenging movements of the asana practice. Drop backs require a combination of both strength and flexibility. If back bending is done incorrectly, they can also result in injuries, and can potentially cause a lot of pain. Whether you do primary series or are deep into second series, there are some fundamental things you should be doing to support your backbends. In this class we will practice a sequence of exercises targeted to build both strength and flexibility in upper back, middle back and lower back. 

While many of the exercises will apply to the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice, it is appropriate for yoga practitioners of any kind.

Vinyasa Class

May, Saturday 16th
8:30am to 10:30am
Cost: $35

In the Ashtanga Yoga practice, we do a jump back and jump through between all seated postures. These movements are referred to as vinyasas. There are around 80 vinyasas in the Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. With so many repetitions is easy to loose the quality of these movements as we go through the practice because we get tired. In this class we will practice techniques that will allow you to keep the quality of the vinyasas through the entire practice no matter what level you are at.  

While many of the exercises will apply to the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice, it is appropriate for yoga practitioners of any kind since they target shoulder and core strength.

108 Sun Salutations

June, Saturday 20th
8:30am to 10:15am
Cost: $25

Sign in online soon since there is limited space and this class is always in high demand.

For thousand of years Hindus have revered the sun, which they call Surya, by practicing many different spiritual and physical rituals. One of the means of honoring the sun is through the dynamic asana sequence of Surya Namaskar. 

The practice of sun salutations is simply a good way to greet the day, practice gratitude, get your blood flowing, create some positive energy, and above all, it is an important tool that empowers us to break free from the compulsive cycles and patterns of our lives. 108 sun salutations can be practiced any time and with any frequency, although they are typically performed upon the change of the seasons, winter and summer solstice, and spring and fall equinox. 

This time I would like to celebrate the summer solstice with this powerful practice. Doing all 108 sun salutations take around 1 and a half hours, and it is possible to anyone who sets the right intention, a strong breath and is willing to get a little sweaty 🙂

Yoga Conference

Last Conference: February, Sunday 9th
Next Conference: Date coming soon!
Cost: FREE

Questions and answers will be the main focus of the yoga conferences. Any aspect of yoga will be open for conversation and reflection. We will focused on how to overcome the difficulties we face in our asana practice through the teachings of the Yoga Sutras and Baghavad Gita. 

Everyone is welcome to the Yoga Conferences.