Immersion Week 16: Hips and Hamstrings

Apr 17, 2022 | Videos On Demand, Weekly Immersion

Tight hips is one of the most common causes of lower back and/or knee pain, lack of hip mobility can affect our lives even while preforming the most simple actions like picking something from the floor or just sitting for extended periods of time. Gaining more supple hips is essential for an overall agile mobility in our entire body. Join this week as we practiced postures that will aid in release tension from hips and hamstrings.


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Classes Preview

Session 01 Hips and hamstrings
Primary and Second Series Mixed
Session 02 Hips and hamstrings
Intro to Primary Series
Session 03 Hips and hamstrings
Led full Primary Series
Session 04 Hips and hamstrings
Moon Day practice: Release and Reset
Session 05 Hips and hamstrings
Meditation + Pranayama

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