Mysore Ashtanga

Every Sunday

10:15am – 12:00m ET

Location: Retreat Space 50 Brooklyn Ave, Massapequa, NY.

In Person classes are limited to 10 students.

Online sign up only, no drop-in.

Please note, my amazing apprentice and Ashtanga teacher Lauren Reek will be teaching In-Studio Mysore classes on Sundays while I am in Colorado.

What is Mysore Ashtanga?

Mysore style is a unique type of class where you practice yoga in a group setting, but unlike other yoga classes, it is not a led class. Instead you are taught the Primary Series of the Ashtanga sequence individually, pose by pose, which you follow at your own pace. Mysore classes can seem intimidating at first, but in fact the Mysore environment are a great way to learn yoga as a beginner, as you get individual attention and postures tailored to where you are in your practice, even if you have never done yoga before.



Every Full Moon and New Moon our regular class -either online or In-Studio- will be substitute with our Moon Day Class, where we will move through a slow-paced detoxifying and cleansing practice that targets to open and stretch every part of your body to help release stress and tension and reset to a feeling much more open and relaxed. This class is appropriate for beginners yoga students or for regular Ashtanga practitioners as a compliment of your Ashtanga practice.

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How to Book?

Step 1

From your account you will manage your personal information, book services, join online classes and watch your recordings.

Step 2

Go to “book now” > “In-Studio Classes”, choose your date (classes are only on Sundays), and follow the steps to checkout.

Step 3

Please arrive 5-15 minutes before the start of the class. Location: Retreat Space 50 Brooklyn Ave, Massapequa, NY.

About Mysore Classes

From Our Students

“I had a wonderful experience at this yoga studio. The owner/teacher had a beautiful energy and was kind and gentle, but at the same time very strong and knowledgeable. I received very individualized instruction and guidance (as did everyone who was there) in a very non-competitive, relaxed, accepting environment. Whether you have a big experience in yoga or are just a beginner, this is the perfect studio for you. I am going to get my daughter and my mother to come with me next time I go!.”

Karen S.

“Aura is a great instructor and the Mysore classes are a wonderful way to practice. I have been doing yoga of and on for years never getting out of the beginner stage but with Aura I see myself progressing further than I had in the past.”

Paul B.

“Aura is extremely knowledgeable, caring and invested in each students individual needs. The studio is welcoming and has a community full of supportive and friendly students. There is no better way to learn the ashtanga yoga practice than a Mysore Class! I can’t say enough good things about ashtanga yoga Long Island!”

Kimberly S.

“Ashtanga can be very intimidating, but this is a great studio for beginner yogis and those wanting to further their practice. I also love the flexibility and individual attention of the Mysore classes.”

Jess L.