Aura Reverol

I started practicing Ashtanga yoga in 2009.  I was lucky enough to have as a first teacher Bernardino Machado, a passionate Ashtanga Yoga teacher who introduced me to the advantages and benefits of this method.

Since then I have dedicated myself to the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  I attended my first workshop with Manju Jois in the city of Orlando. Following that great experience, I made my first trip to Mysore, India in February 2011, where I practiced in Sthalam 8 under the guidance of Ajay Kumar. For four months, we did Mysore-style practice with weekly classes focused in vinyasas, floating and back bending. Later that year, I took my second trip to Mysore for a teacher training program. After my training, I taught yoga in an Ashram located in the city of Bogota, Colombia where I introduced new students to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, as well as conducted workshops and short training sessions to spread the benefits of this method.

After a year of teaching yoga in Colombia and looking for new adventures I moved to a small island in Central America called Utila, where, for 3 years, I took over and grew a small project named Yoga Utila.

Now, I am exited to start this new project called Ashtanga Yoga Long Island, where I will share with beginners, intermediates and advanced students my passion for this method.

Ashtanga Yoga helped me to improve my breathing and notably has changed not just my state of mind but also my physical condition. The practice has encouraged me to switch to more healthy habits and strengthen my mind, body and spirit.

I found an absolutely incredible yoga practice at Ashtanga Yoga studio located in Seaford, Long Island

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I found an absolutely incredible yoga practice at Ashtanga Yoga studio located in Seaford, Long Island. The place is cozy, completely spotless and hospitable. You don’t have to bring your own mat or props. Aura is sensible, intelligent and experienced teacher. She notices every tiny movement of your body, face and even changes in your breath. If she sees you’re uncomfortable or in pain she gives you the exact instructions what to do and where the problem is. Sometimes (all right let’s admit it most of the time) the problem lies in your mind and not understanding how your body works. You feel absolutely safe with such a teacher during all the challenging poses. Visited 2015

I have been studying with Aura for the past six months.

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I have been studying with Aura for the past six months. She has been an instrumental teacher in guiding me toward a gentler, deeper, more fluid practice. She has also appointed a new teacher – Jaqueline Lamberti – who is equally knowledgeable and supportive in her approach to teaching, and whom I have also already learned a lot from in a short amount of time.

This is a small studio, which is perfect for learning the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. Students can take traditional Mysore-style classes, in which a teacher monitors the room for 5 hours while students come in and practice at their own pace, and led classes, in which a teacher moves the students through a set sequence of postures based on the Ashtanga Primary Series. Either way, teachers at AYLI make sure to give each student one-on-one attention throughout the class. Whenever they have given me an adjustment, they have always gone about it with care and attention to detail, making sure to push me just enough to my limits that I can feel all at once comfortable, safe, and challenged.

I highly recommend this studio. Visited 2015

High standard teaching in a cosy environment

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I’m very glad we tried a yoga class here! Absolutely wonderful experience. I have done quite a lot of yoga and this place is definitely on the same level with one of the best studios in Paris. Aura is a professional whose teaching is of a great quality. She gives all the time tips for the beginners as well as for more advanced so that all levels can have a good exercise together. The atmosphere is zen, serious at the same time cosy. The view to the sea is a great plus as well!

Ashtanga Yoga Long Island is a great little yoga studio on Merrick road in Seaford.

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Ashtanga Yoga Long Island is a great little yoga studio on Merrick road in Seaford.  Before joining this studio I had been happily practicing Bikram yoga for a few years and was advised by my physician to stop practicing yoga in a hot room.  I was very hesitant to switch studios, as I had grown to love Bikram yoga and didn’t think any other style could compare.  Ashtanga yoga is similar to Bikram style yoga in that you practice the same series of asanas each time you attend class.  The Mysore class seemed confusing to me at first, as I was accustomed to practicing led classes.  After attending a few Mysore classes, I discovered that I actually prefer this type of class to a led class because of the flexibility of arrival time and the ability to practice at your own pace.  Aura is a wonderful teacher, she is very helpful in explaining and demonstrating the asanas.  Anytime I was unsure of which asana to do next or the correct way of doing it, she was right there to help me.  This type of personal attention is very helpful in in furthering your practice, and is not something I often came across in other yoga studios. Visited 2015

An awesome week of yoga with a great teacher

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I had found Yoga Utila before my departure for Honduras and had contacted Aura who teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. She had given me all the information I needed to know and I was really eager to meet her. I actually liked a lot the fact that they want the locals to learn about yoga and anybody can go, independently of their financial situation by giving a voluntary contribution. I think that is great. But most of all, when I met Aura, I was instantly charmed by her personality. She is sweet, always smiling, generous with her time, passionate about yoga, the history of yoga, a great source of information about yoga. She also is a fantastic teacher, demanding but with a lot of humour. She does not teach only asanas (postures). She goes one step further and teaches us what is yoga, where it comes from and what it means in our life to do yoga. I went to yoga everyday during my stay in Utila! And my progress was phenomenal thanks to Aura. I discovered Ashtanga yoga with her and will continue with that type of yoga here at home. I also met great people and made friends in the class which made my week even greater! Thanks Aura!

Wonderful teacher

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This studio has such a positive vibration to it. The main teacher, Aura, is phenomenal. I have never had re adjustments like that. Her guidance allows you to fully benefit from every pose. Thanks for such an amazing experience. Visited April 2014