Several of you may already know Laure Reek. Laure is Ashtanga Yoga Long Island’s apprentice from our Apprenticeship program. She is sweet, disciplined, eager to learn from everyone, and always ready to help. She will be learning, helping and assisting me in classes.

When I’m not around feel free to ask her questions if you need help, and give me feed back if you think it could help nurture her mentorship. Thanks!

With love and respect,


Laure Reek

Laure Reek

Ashtanga Yoga Long Island's Apprentice

I began my yoga journey in 2012 at a gym as a means for weight loss, but then quickly discovered there was so much more to it.  I realized how the practice changed my outlook in other areas of my life. I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Patricia Morris at Little Yoga House in 2014. I began teaching that day, and haven’t stopped teaching or learning since.

The system of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga makes the most sense to me, and I have found it to be the most effective in all the styles I have tried. I believe that yoga is for everyone, and it’s just about finding your modification of the posture that suits you.

I began practicing under the guidance of Aura in 2015 and completed the 60 hour primary series course with her in 2016.  It is during Mysore practice that I have broken through many mental and physical obstacles. This is why I am so enthusiastic about beginning an apprenticeship with Aura. I look forward to observing, assisting, and expanding my knowledge.